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What to Expect During Treatment

Your child’s doctor will discuss with you in regards to how many treatments your child will receive. Sometimes the number of treatments and also the exact timing of when radiation must start is determined by a protocol or clinical trial. The actual time on the treatment table each day may be relatively short, but the total appointment time required may be longer because of setup time and time for anesthesia (if required).

The radiation therapist and other members of the team may set up the treatment machine and move the machine before and during the treatment to target the treatment area of the body. If a mask, body mold, or cushion was used during simulation, it will be used during treatment as well to help keep your child in the same position for accurate treatment. Accurate positioning of the radiation beams to the target will be confirmed through images taken during the treatment. These images will be reviewed and approved by your child’s doctor.

Your child will also be monitored by members of the team the entire time while the radiation is being delivered. Your radiation oncology team will follow your child’s progress throughout the radiation treatment course. There may be weekly status checks of your child and you are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns during those times or any time during treatment.