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Patient Education

One of ASTRO's strategic priorities is to raise awareness about the benefits of radiation therapy. As part of this initiative, the Communications Committee focuses more than 50% of its time on developing patient education materials including this RTAnswers.org website and the materials available on it. The materials in this Patient Education section can be found throughout the site, as well as here, in one convenient location. The print materials, such as brochures and side effects charts, are available to download for free and are updated on a regular basis. The videos are available in both English and Spanish and available to view in full screen. If you are a clinician and interested in purchasing printed packs of the brochures or downloads of the videos, they can be found at www.astro.org/productcatalog.

ASTRO gratefully acknowledges our Partners in Patient Education (PiPE) for their generous support of our patient education materials.