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Find A Radiation Oncologist

Doug Meyer - Prostate Cancer Survivor

In 2007, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had a robotic prostatectomy performed by a urologist in NYC, resulting in a PSA of 0.0. Over the next 10 years, I was being seen annually by another urologist out of UConn Health System, who closely monitored my PSA level. Unfortunately, a couple of years after the surgery, the PSA showed up again, initially at .1. Over the course of the ensuing years, the PSA began to double every 2-3 years until it reached .4 in December 2016. At this time, my urologist recommended that I discuss possible treatment with a radiation oncologist out of UConn.

My wife and I met with the radiation oncologist who recommended pursuing treatment that include radiation and hormonal therapy. We got a second opinion from another radiation oncologist who basically concurred with the initial recommendation. We learned after we had scheduled our appointment the second radiation oncologist that he was in the same practice as the one from UConn. 

Still not being totally satisfied, we opted to schedule an appointment with my original urologist in NYC who agreed with the others recommendation but suggested that we consider Yale as a possible place for such treatment. After a quick phone call, we scheduled an appointment with Dr. Yu, radiation oncologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital ("Yale"). Immediately, my wife and I were amazed at the warmth and compassion that Dr. Yu showed us during our first appointment with him. While clearly an outstanding clinician, he showed an impressive ability to listen and discuss our situation in a respectful, thoughtful manner. In addition, the friendly manner in which the entire radiation oncology team treated us made us immediately feel very welcomed and comfortable.

It was the difference between night and day for us and sold us on having our treatment at Yale despite the additional drive time this would mean for us. Over the two month period in which I had daily (weekdays) radiation, I came to be even more impressed with the quality of Yale's entire radiation oncology team. Not only did we appreciate Dr. Yu meeting with us weekly to monitor my progress, but the entire team from the front desk team (Lisa, Tracy and Cheryl) to the radiation technicians (Tom, Christa, Krishna, and Jordan) as well as Carol Phillips and others (patient services) worked so well together and always exhibited friendliness, professionalism, and respect. The ease in which I registered every morning as well as the brief time waiting in the patient waiting room were greatly appreciated. Beyond the immediate exceptional service we received during our day-to-day treatment, there were other parts of our experience at Yale that made our stay there that much more enjoyable. The valet services available to us was greatly appreciated as it made for such ease to get in and out the hospital. The ambiance of walking into the lobby of the hospital put us immediately at ease: the piano, the fountain, as well as the security that was present. We availed ourselves of the hospital's gift stores and cafeteria as well as purchased lunches from the food trucks and ate in the open green which was beautifully maintained.

Additionally, the radiation oncology waiting room's aquarium was the focus of many minutes of discussion and wonder every day. Also, we greatly appreciated the complimentary refreshments and drinks available to both myself and my wife. The family-like atmosphere ever-present at Yale has been greatly appreciated. It fostered open and candid discussions with the clinical team as well as created a truly personal experience that we so greatly appreciated. The friends we made with some members of Yale's team as well as with some of the patients will be treasured. Regardless of whatever may result from my treatment, I am very thankful for such a positive experience with the Yale team and give them my and my family's deepest thanks.