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Find A Radiation Oncologist

Terms of Sharing Your Story

By choosing to submit your story on the American Society for Radiation Oncology's (ASTRO's) RTAnswers.org website, you acknowledge that the information you submitted is true and accurate and does not infringe anyone else's rights. You agree that any information you provide, including information about your medical condition and any photographs that you have submitted to ASTRO, (collectively "Story and Photo"), may be viewed by the general public.

You further agree that ASTRO may post or use your Story and Photo in any manner it deems necessary or appropriate on its website, print publications or any other media and you grant ASTRO an unlimited, perpetual, worldwide and royalty free license to use, display, publish, reproduce, distribute and/or disseminate your Story and Photo. ASTRO reserves the right to edit, shorten or format your Story and Photo for any reason (without changing the substance of the information) and to remove or decline to use your Story or Photo. ASTRO does not endorse or make any guarantees with regard to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any of the statements in your story.

You understand the circulation of the materials could be worldwide and that you will not be entitled to royalties or any other compensation for publication of your Story or Photo. You also waive and release discharge ASTRO from any claim, cause of action, damages or loss (including attorney’s fees) that you may have against ASTRO or its officers, employees, independent contractors, agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns relating to its use of your Story or Photo.

By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have read and are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions as set forth herein.