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Find A Radiation Oncologist

What is Practice Accreditation

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be stressful. You, along with your doctor, treatment team and caregivers, will have many decisions to make. If your doctor has recommended radiation therapy, finding a facility near your home or office that offers the treatment you need is important.

When choosing a radiation therapy facility, look for one that has received accreditation. Practice accreditation indicates that patient safety and well-being are a priority. Accreditation shows that a practice is serious about providing high-quality care.

ASTRO is the American Society for Radiation Oncology, the leading society for radiation oncology professionals. ASTRO’s APEx - Accreditation Program for Excellence® is a rigorous evaluation of a practice’s compliance with national standards. This evaluation ensures that the care you're receiving is safe, high-quality and supportive.

Find APEx accredited facilities.